The value of wealth management advice is more important than ever

You have worked hard to get where you are today and it’s understandable that watching the inflation rate rise and your portfolio value fall, is making you nervous.

Jonathan Grant is an Associate Portfolio Manager and Senior Investment Advisor with the Grant Wealth Management Group at TD Wealth Private Investment Advice in Orillia. Jonathan can help you create a wealth plan to help maintain, protect, and grow your net worth. He said, “I offer my clients tailored advice, solutions and strategies that can help them achieve their wealth management goals.”

Statistics indicate that half of Canadians do not have the financial retirement plan they want, and they have no idea how much to save for retirement. That explains why nearly 80% of Canadians don’t feel confident about their financial future.

In this erratic environment, Jonathan helps people create a financial future in which they can feel confident and secure.  He said, “I take a comprehensive wealth management approach so my clients can feel optimistic about living their best life.” It’s an approach built on the Four Pillars of Wealth Management at TD Wealth.

Building your net worth

Building your wealth now can help you enjoy your retirement future. Jonathan said, “as an Investment Advisor I help clients articulate their goals and help them develop strategies and plans to grow their net worth.” The growth strategies include investment management, banking, and credit solutions that Jonathan can offer through collaborating with TD specialists.

Implementing tax-efficient strategies

Jonathan explores tax-efficient strategies to help you keep more of your hard-earned money. He said, “working closely with clients and their tax advisors, I help structure their investment portfolio to reduce tax exposure while helping to keep income available as and when they need it.”

The tax-saving strategies could include income splitting, and tax planning, as well as the use of registered accounts, annuities, trusts, and whole life insurance to help maximize tax savings for your beneficiaries.

Protecting what matters

Life is filled with uncertainty and Jonathan will offer advice and solutions to help protect the things that you value at each stage of your life. He said, “that means protecting your ability to earn income, maximizing wealth transfer to beneficiaries, protecting your business, and securing decision-making authority for your loved ones.” He will connect you with TD specialists in wills and estate planning, guardian and power of attorney services, and estate services.

People often don’t realize that their wealth could be jeopardized by a serious illness or injury so it’s important to consider disability insurance protection.

Leaving a legacy

Jonathan works closely with clients to help them develop a meaningful legacy for their family and community. He said, “I will collaborate with clients to identify their priorities, from estate planning and trusts to gifting strategies and philanthropy. I will help them direct the transfer of wealth to people and priorities that matter most to them.”

Solid advice builds wealth

Surveys show that after 15 years, clients who have an Advisor have nearly four times more assets than investors who don’t rely on professional advice.  More than half of households with an advisor are confident they’ll have enough to retire comfortably, while nearly 90% of respondents assisted by an advisor are satisfied with their financial position for retirement. Jonathan said, “if you or someone you know can benefit from comprehensive private wealth management, I am more than happy to assist you.”

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