New poll shows Americans’ views on economy heading into midterms

Lisa Desjardins:

He’s not on the ballot, but we have seen him be such a force and how Republicans think. So many Republican voters are loyal to him.

So we wanted to ask voters of all walks of life what they thought about President Trump, whether he would run, as he’s intimating he may do. So, here’s the question: Should President Trump run in 2024?

Let’s look at this partisan breakdown. Not a shock. Mostly, it’s Republicans who want him to run, but it’s still two-thirds of Republicans who want him to run. And then independents, a third. Very few Democrats, of course, 9 percent, want the former Republican president to run.

But here’s what we did, Judy. We also asked, what would happen if President Trump is charged with a crime? We asked Republican — Republicans in particular we wanted to look at, because, of course, they will nominate their nominee for president. And, of that, you see the number does go down, but not by much, to just 61 percent.

Even if he is charged with a crime, former President Trump has the support of 61 percent of Republicans. This tells us that something he said earlier, he wants bragged about, even if I shot someone in New York City, I would still have my voters. And 61 percent of them say, yes, if you were charged with a crime, I’d still support you.