Can social media aid investing? TikTok and Instagram’s most popular stocks

With markets still rising from their June lows, there is chatter that they may now be enjoying more than a bear market rally – Copyright AFP DANIEL ROLAND

New research has found what the most popular stocks across TikTok and Instagram are, based on comments made by investors and would-be investors. A number of investors turn to social media for investment “advice.

Caution is required since such advice is often from unregulated companies or delivered by “influencers” with no qualifications or experience. Too often this can be financially disastrous.

The study comes from UK financial services provider CMC Markets who analysed data from TikTok viewing numbers and Instagram posts focused on stocks to see which are being talked about on social media the most.

It found that Tesla is the most popular stock on social media, with more than 45,400,000 views on TikTok, posted with the hashtag #TeslaStock, and 28,391 posts hashtagged with the same thing. In addition, it is the second most searched stock in the UK on Google according to Ahrefs, with more than 282,000 searches a month.

AMC Entertainment was the second most popular stock across social media. TikToks hashtagged with #AMCStock have amassed more than 25,800,000 views on the platform, and 14,834 Instagram posts have been made to date. It is also the most popular stock based on Google searches from Ahrefs (a tool used to analyze a website’s link profile, keyword rankings, and SEO health), with more than 490,000 searches monthly in the UK.

Coming in third place is Apple, thanks to more than 11,700,000 views on TikToks posted with the hashtag #AppleStock, and 12,436 Instagram posts made with the hashtag. The stock also receives more than 55,000 monthly Google searches in the UK based on data from Ahrefs.

Equity markets have been knocked by Federal Reserve boss Jerome Powell’s warning that interest rates would continue to rise as policymakers try to tame inflation – Copyright AFP MOHD RASFAN

GameStop takes fourth place on the list, following closely behind Apple with 14,100,000 views on TikTok for hashtagged posts and 8,871 posts captioned with the hashtag #GameStopStock.

Stock for the multinational tech company Amazon is the fifth most popular on social media, with more than 6,900,000 total views on TikTok for posts hashtagged with #AmazonStock and 3,155 hashtagged Instagram posts to go along with this.

Rank Stock TikTok views Hashtagged Instagram posts
1 Tesla 45,400,000 28,391
2 AMC 25,800,000 14,834
3 Apple 11,700,000 12,436
4 GameStop 14,100,000 8,871
5 Amazon 6,900,000 3,155
6 NIO 5,300,000 2,402
7 Meta Platforms 4,100,000 1,864
8 Netflix 1,200,000 1,059
9 Disney 1,300,000 951
10 Ford 324,900 1,161

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from CMC Markets tells Digital Journal: “While these findings might illustrate what stocks get coverage on social media, it also shows the sheer amount of views one can get from posting about them. Many people are turning to social media for their information on the stock market and even tips and tricks for using it properly. The inclusion of ‘meme stocks’ like AMC and GameStop is no surprise either, with social media sites being some of the biggest pioneers for the rise and fall of these stocks.”