Trump vs. Biden rematch a worrisome possibility

America needs new, better leadership

I worry about the upcoming 2024 presidential election and our country. It appears that the choice will be between two presidential candidates who have both held the office, neither of which would have my vote if I had a reasonable other choice.

One potential candidate appears to be our former president, Donald Trump. I voted for him twice. The first was mainly to keep Bill Clinton out of our White House a second time. The second time I voted for Trump was because he had done good things for our country by bringing manufacturing back to this country by correcting unfair trade treaties. This brought down unemployment and strengthened the economy.

His less than intelligent childish tweets were offsetting and indicated his egotism. Then his last 60 days in office showed what a really big baby he is with his lies about a stolen election. Trump then incited riot that cost American lives. Now it appears that he broke national security laws by removing classified records from the White House.

President Joe Biden, the other apparent candidate, and the majority Democrats keep spending money the country doesn’t have, which puts the US into additional deficit. That causes US dollars to be worth less in the world economy and things then cost more for the US on the international markets. He thinks that raising tax on industry will cure our inflation. He doesn’t have a concept that industry will just increase prices for products to offset the new tax costs. He also has done other stupid things, including telling the Taliban a date he would remove US troops from Afghanistan.

When will the electorate start to think for themselves, rather than just believing what someone tells them? While no one is perfect, I would expect to see better from people who want to govern our country. I am worried and somewhat scared about the future of our country.

Jerry Mettler, Granger Township

Dr. Fauci deserves respect

I suppose Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis thinks he’s cute or funny by mocking Dr. Anthony Fauci, referring to him as a “little elf” that should be “thrown across the Potomac.”

Fauci has spent the last 40 years as a distinguished immunologist and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. He has also served as the chief medical advisor to seven presidents. Starting with the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s, he has helped to save the lives of many. But no matter. DeSantis thinks he should be maligned … because he’s short. Apparently, it’s OK to act like a 12-year-old rather than a statesman if you don’t agree with someone.

This man has his eye on the presidency. Heaven help us.

Carol Button, Cuyahoga Falls

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: America doesn’t need a Trump vs. Biden rematch