Convergence Ramps Up Strategy and Investments to Solve Critical National Issues and Lower Toxic Polarization

Bridge-building leader will intensify collaborative problem-solving to strengthen economic opportunity, health and wellness, and democracy and civic engagement

WASHINGTON, Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, the bridge-building leader in consensus-driven problem-solving, has launched a significant expansion and acceleration of its work to bridge toxic divisions and address intractable issues in America, according to the new 5-Year Strategy Convergence made public today.

“If there was ever an all-hands-on-deck moment for addressing divisiveness and dysfunction in America, this is it.”

Citing extensive statistics that document alarm among citizens, national security experts, corporate leaders, and other communities about the level of toxic polarization and problem-solving paralysis, the published 5-Year Strategy offers a blueprint for Convergence to drive greater impact and marshal increased resources in pursuit of twin goals: producing actionable solutions to urgent problems and fostering a culture of collaboration across differences.

“If there was ever an all-hands-on-deck moment for addressing divisiveness and dysfunction in America, this is it,” said Convergence CEO David Eisner. “At Convergence, we’re doing our part to meet the urgent demands of a dangerously polarized America in three ways. We’re doubling-down on our reliably successful bridge-building, consensus-forging and problem-solving to solve more issues and reach more people across communities and sectors; we’re leveraging this well-honed approach to address toxic polarization and problem-solving dysfunction more systemically; and we’re building new pathways to inspire, equip and mobilize others to help make collaboration a norm across the country.”

Key to its new strategy, Convergence is bringing intensified focus to three Impact Areas:

  • Health and Wellbeing: Convergence will deepen its focus on addressing disparities and inadequacies in health care systems, including aging populations and mental health needs.
  • Economic Opportunity: Convergence Dialogues will contribute to overcoming difficult challenges that prevent millions from achieving upward mobility, including, among others, reducing unemployment and underemployment, navigating pathways to better jobs, supporting working families, expanding affordable housing, and addressing racial disparities.
  • Democracy and Civic Engagement: Important Convergence programs will support renewed faith by Americans in our nation’s institutions and the systems behind them as well as in each other, through finding consensus solutions to issues like digital discourse and hyper-partisanship in government as well as through engaging millions of Americans in better understanding and appreciating how the needs and perspectives of fellow citizens may differ from their own.

About Convergence Center for Policy Resolution

Convergence is the leading national organization building bridges across differences to address critical issues. For more than a decade, Convergence has facilitated nonpartisan collaborations among leaders divided along political, ideological, sectoral, and identity-based lines to produce solutions that create meaningful change in the lives of millions of Americans. For more information, visit


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