Harshad Nagpal cracks Foreign Investing Deal in International Stock Market

India, 12th September 2022: Harshad Nagpal, the lead head of Rainmakers Corporation, a leading international investment firm, has recently cracked a Foreign Investment deal of 167 crores for Indians investing in the international stock market.

Mr. Nagpal aims to eliminate the several limitations or restrictions for Indians to invest in foreign markets. Thus, he brought the new investment direct to the international trading market from which Indians can directly invest and buy shares in international stocks. Additionally, he has also received S+ Security by the court approval as he made the largest net worth for cracking deals for international investors for investing in international shares.

There are several risks and limitations involved in the case of Indian investments in foreign markets like risk from political changes, a hindrance to domestic investments, negative influence on exchange rates, higher costs involved, economic non-viability or expropriation wherein the govt. takes control of the property and assets.

Sharing his thoughts on successfully cracking the deal, Mr. Harshad said, “The purpose of developing the platform was to eliminate the risks and restrictions involved in Indian Investment in Foreign market.” He further added, “My team and myself have successfully cracked the deal for 167Crore for Investing Indians to International Market. We aim at bringing the new investment direct to the international trading market from which Indians can directly invest and buy shares in international stocks.”

Harshad Nagpal is an entrepreneur and a stock investor. Harshad Nagpal and his team of 53 people recently Visited Los Angeles for the opening of the Indian Investment of International Market. He has a Net Worth of 2 million Dollars.

Harshad Nagpal leads the Rainmaker Corporation. The organization investigates international stock updates and finds where Indians can invest in the international Stock Market. Rainmaker Corporation is a Government Organisation for Control of Stock Broking Investments. It is an international investment firm focusing on doing IPOs, Mergers, and Acquisitions worldwide helping SMEs (small to medium enterprises) to grow and scale.

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