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Hannity Reminds Viewers of Over 30 Investigations Into Trump While Complaining About Democratic Obsession

Sean Hannity complained about how many times Donald Trump has been legally scrutinized by curiously listing all of the reasons why the former president has been investigated by the authorities.

The Fox News opinion host led his Monday night show by railing against Democrats “trying to dehumanize and vilify” Trump’s supporters as a threat to democracy.

“Instead of trying to fix the economy or dare talk about it, or the border, or the fentanyl or opioid crisis, or the crime crisis, Democrats have been wasting all of their time and billion dollars of your taxes with one investigation after investigation into all things Donald Trump,” Hannity said. “This has been going on now for years.”

From there, Hannity’s show aired a graphic declaring “Dems Obsessed With Trump Investigations,” which scrolled through a list of at least 30 investigations into Trump from the last several years. Hannity also took it upon himself to point out some of the list’s highlights, including the “Russia hoax,” Trump’s taxes, both of Trump’s impeachments, the ongoing investigations of January 6th, and the FBI’s recent raid on Mar-a-Lago for the classified documents Trump was keeping there.

“After all of this, Trump hasn’t been charged with any crime whatsoever, and they are trying hard, but there has been nothing,” Hannity said. “That’s because the partisan Democrats in charge of all of these witch hunts, they’re not investigating crimes. They’re investigating a person in a blatant attempt to smear, slander, destroy him and destroy his supporters. It’s the old Soviet Union saying: ‘show me the man, I’ll find you the crime.’ Except, they haven’t actually found a crime yet, so I guess they’ll make that up too.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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