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Wells Fargo to pay $13.2 million to retirement funds after settlement

The U.S.   Wells Fargo

The Company strongly disagrees with the DOL’s allegations and believes it followed applicable laws in conducting the transactions.

Though the Company disagrees with the DOL’s allegations and has not conducted these transactions since 2018, Wells Fargo believes resolving this legacy matter is in the best interest of the company.

All 401(k) Plan participants received all matching and profit-sharing contributions due to them.

An independent third-party approved the transactions on behalf of the 401(k) Plan and confirmed that the 401(k) Plan did not pay more than fair market value for the company stock at issue.

The agreement provides that the Company will pay approximately $13.2 million to the DOL and approximately $131.8 million to eligible current and former 401(k) Plan participants. As part of the settlement, the Company also agreed to redeem certain preferred securities held by the Company’s 401(k) Plan in exchange for shares of the Company’s common stock.