Sean Hannity’s Attempt To Help Trump (By Listing All Of His Ongoing Troubles) Did Not Go As Planned

Always the loyal MAGA foot soldier, Sean Hannity rushed to Donald Trump‘s aid during his Fox News broadcast earlier this week. However, the longtime supporter of the former president deployed an unusual tactic that doesn’t seem to be going as planned. In an odd move, Hannity decided to list all of the lawsuits and investigations that Trump is facing including the damning search of Mar-a-Lago that former attorney general Bill Barr believes will end in an indictment. (The reported finding of nuclear documents probably didn’t help.)

“Instead of trying to fix the economy or dare talk about it or the border or the fentanyl or opioid crisis or the crime crisis, Democrats have been wasting almost all of their time and billions of your tax dollars with one investigation after investigation into all things Donald Trump,” Hannity said. “And this has been going on now for years.”

Hannity then scrolled a massive list of Trump’s alleged misdeeds in an effort to prove his point that the Democrats are “wasting” the government’s time and resources. Instead, Hannity provided a damning portrait of Trump’s current predicament.

You can see the full lis that Hannity rattled off below, which The Washington Post notes isn’t even complete. Hannity actually forgot a few items, but once you get past the 20th investigation, does it even matter?

Crossfire Hurricane investigation.
D.C. investigates inaugural funds.
New York investigates inaugural funds.
New Jersey investigates inaugural funds.
Emoluments clause investigations.
Ways and Means tax investigation.
Trump hotel lease investigation.
Foreign gifts investigation.
Fulton County D.A. 2020 election investigation.
NAACP Michigan Voting Rights Act investigation.
Mar-a-Lago search.
House Oversight classified materials investigation.
Jan. 6 committee investigation.
D.C. attorney general investigation into Jan. 6.
Jan. 6 impeachment investigation.
Ukraine phone call impeachment investigation.
Hush money payments investigation.
Michael Cohen pardon investigation.
Save America PAC investigation.
White House security clearance investigation.
Trump’s net worth investigated in House.
Use of private email by Jared and Ivanka.
Investigation into communications with Putin.
Possible money laundering investigation.
Saudi Arabia nuclear venture investigation.
New York A.G. Trump property values.
Manhattan A.G. Trump property values.
Westchester A.G. Trump property values.
Trump SPAC/Truth Social investigated.
Bank officer sought Trump job investigation.

We follow Trump pretty closely, and we didn’t even know about some of these. Thanks, Sean!

(Via The Washington Post)