Start exploring AWS fundamentals by investing just $1

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From quantum computing to gaming, Amazon is dipping its hands into many industries thanks to AWS. But for companies to leverage the platform’s features effectively, they need to hire experienced cloud professionals. If you’re a certified IT engineer looking to break into cloud computing, mastering tools such as CodeSummit and CloudTrail may help. You can explore these topics by naming your price for the Complete Amazon Web Services E-Book Bundle.

Here’s how this deal works. With just $1, you can take home a portion of this collection. But if you beat the average price, you’ll receive the entire bundle. Lastly, out-paying the highest bidder will place you on a leaderboard and enter you in a giveaway.

The bundle is provided by Packt Publishing, an online learning destination hosting content on web development, data, cybersecurity and cloud networking. The instructors behind these e-books are experienced technologists certified in platforms such as AWS and Azure, so you can rest assured that these lessons are filled with accurate information.

If you invest the minimum amount, one of the courses you might win is AWS Administration: The Definitive Guide. Here, you’ll discover how to deploy and scale applications using Beanstalk and the Amazon Elastic File System. But if you shoot for the entire bundle, you can study topics such as service integration, repeatable infrastructures, highly available applications and more.

Course list:

  • Effective DevOps With AWS

  • Mastering AWS Security

  • AWS Administration: The Definitive Guide

  • Mastering AWS Lambda

  • Learning AWS, Second Edition

  • Practical AWS Networking

There are many potential career paths to follow in the IT field, but if you’re particularly interested in cloud computing, you may want to get up to speed with Amazon’s platform. Beat the average price to start training with the Complete Amazon Web Services E-Book Bundle.

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