White Feather Investments Announces its Business Model for Promoting the Financial Freedom of Military Members

San Diego, California–(Newsfile Corp. – September 14, 2022) – White Feather Investments unveils its business model to promote financial freedom of military members and Veterans. Their business model is centered on educating and empowering existing and retired members of the military as well as their direct relatives through the company’s real estate initiatives. These initiatives include their popular Real Estate Investing Accelerator program (REI Accelerator) and Real Estate investment opportunities across the United States.

The REI Accelerator is a six-month program that takes on students, regardless of their level of experience, and turns them into Real Estate investors. Its classes are held online, making it easily accessible to attendees across the globe. It has a highly selective application process that involves scheduling a screening call and completing the application form. The best-suited 40 applicants get selected to join the accelerator program every six months. While the application process is rigorous and meant to identify the best fits for the course, the value it provides has attracted some extremely high-level talent, including half a dozen Full Bird Colonels and a retired One-Star General.

Since its inception, REI Accelerator has had over 230 graduates that have purchased real estate. Edward Rushing, President and CEO of White Feather Investments states, “We customize our process for each White Feather member. If there is a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, for instance, we would help them create a blueprint that would outline the exact process they would need to gain that financial freedom, while still being able to focus on their job as a Marine Officer.”

To help make buying rental properties easier for its members, White Feather has created a system of robust investment opportunities across the nation. They have helped several hundred members buy over 300 single-family rentals in Memphis, St Louis, Little Rock and Southwest Florida amongst others, as well as short-term rentals in California. Additionally, they have created syndication opportunities with apartment complexes and development deals in California, Texas, Arizona and Florida. In addition, the company’s Freedom Fund, raised nearly $7,000,000 from investors within the group to purchase an entire block of properties in Florida.

By providing a sense of community, purpose and the opportunity to build financial freedom, White Feather is committed to tackling challenges to help its members live the American dream they fought to protect.

Edward Rushing said, “Our mission is about supporting military people and helping them live a life of financial freedom. We do this because I believe this community of people, if empowered to do so, can create a tremendous effect on our nation. These are people who have signed up to sacrifice their time, energy, efforts, and potentially their lives so that their fellow Americans can live a life of freedom and security. Imagine the ripple effect if this special cohort of people achieve financial freedom and then turn their passion for service towards their communities. The result will be a massive impact that will ripple through generations of Americans.”

About White Feather Investments

White Feather Investments is a real estate investment company co-founded in 2009 by Edward and Kimberly Rushing. The core of their business is focused on assisting the military, Veterans and first responders to build financial freedom through Real Estate investing.

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