National Dialogue unveils agenda on political parties, investments

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Egypt’s National Dialogue will focus in its second week on discussing political parties, foreign and local investments and the population issue, according to its general coordinator Diaa Rashwan.

Rashwan unveiled the agenda that awaits Egypt starting Sunday, 21 May, when the political track committees will take centre stage to discuss the future of political parties and the ever-important local council law, with two sessions dedicated to each topic.

On Tuesday, 23 May, the economic track committees will participate in discussions led by the industry and the private investments committees.

On Thursday, 25 May, the social track committees will focus on pre-higher education and the debates surrounding the population issue.

The sessions of National Dialogue, which President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi had called for in 2022, commenced earlier in May.

Various political forces are participating in the dialogue, including the opposition.

The event also saw an attendance of civil society organizations, labour unions, professionals and public figures, and is set to continue its public meetings throughout the upcoming week.

On Thursday, the dialogue wrapped up its first week with discussions of the issues of guardianship and national identity.

On Tuesday, the economic track committees discussed social protection amid soaring inflation, while the political track committees discussed elections law on Sunday.

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