'It’s not inaccurate': Katie Tur spars with House Republican about Trump’s tax cuts exploding the deficit

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United States Representative Bob Good (R-Virginia) repeatedly spoke over MSNBC anchor Katie Tur on Tuesday while she attempted to fact-check him about how former President Donald Trump’s gigantic tax cuts for the wealthy caused the federal budget deficit to explode.

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The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office calculated last week that extending the Trump tax cuts “would add $3.5 trillion to the deficit through 2033.”

But Good refused to acknowledge this, leading to frustration from Tur.

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“Lemme ask a question in here. I know you said that you would’ve voted for the Trump tax cuts. Would you vote to extend the Trump tax cuts? Because the CBO says that would add $3.5 trillion,” Tur asked.

“Oh, absolutely because again, that is incentivizing — that’s incentivizing the right things. That is key to our — that is key…” Good responded.

“The CBO says that would add $3.5 trillion to the deficit. Let me, let me ask you a question,” Tur said to Good, who never stopped talking.

“We cannot sustain the one to two percent anemic Biden growth. We gotta get back to three to four percent — the Trump growth patterns that was fueling our economy previously. So it’s growth as well as cuts that’ll get us on a path to fiscal stability,” Good claimed.

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“Let me ask you a question about the deficit though,” Tur said. “If you are gonna vote to extend those tax cuts, that’s a 3.5 trillion add to the deficit per the CBO. That is a big addition. If you wanna cut spending and you wanna get us on a path to a balanced budget, I mean, it seems like that would be in conflict with your goal.”

Good disagreed, even though what Tur told him is true.

“That’s historically just inaccurate. Every time we cut taxes, we generate more growth, we generate more revenue,” he asserted.

“It’s not inaccurate,” Tur fired back.

Good deflected.

“The Democrats predicted back in 2017 that when we had those tax cuts, we would have a reduction in revenue and therefore increase the deficit and the Democrats lie and say that the deficit and the national debt has grown because of the tax cuts,” he stated. “That’s simply not true.”

Tur then again tried to impart that “it’s not the Democrats, it’s the CBO,” but Good kept on yammering.

“When revenue as a bottom line number — when you grow the pie, you only have to take a smaller percentage of it to fund your government. We’ve grown the pie and that’s why they’ve got record revenue coming in. We’ve never been 5 trillion a year in revenue until the last couple of years, and that is in large part because the Trump economic policies, including the tax cuts,” Good insisted.

“It’s not the Democrats, it’s the CBO that says this. I’m not naming any Democrats. I’m giving you the CBO, the Congressional Budget Office,” Tur reiterated before concluding the interview.

“Congressman, thank you so much for joining us. We do appreciate your time and, and do appreciate you joining us,” she said.

“Great to be with you,” Good replied. “Thank you.”

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