LAURA INGRAHAM: Trump is the only candidate who has credibility on four vital policy issues

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Laura Ingraham discusses how the left’s attempts to target Trump’s personality will not work to deter him from winning over voters after a proven record of success on “The Ingraham Angle.

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LAURA INGRAHAM: What his core supporters firmly believe is that as of now, Trump is the only candidate who has credibility on four vital policy issues. Now, Trump has a proven record of standing up to China. Both Biden and the GOP establishment want a partnership with China. Remember, Trump ignored big business and used tariffs to our advantage against China. Biden, he’s itching to remove them. 

Now, Trump is opposed to open borders. Both Biden and the GOP establishment support open borders. 

Trump is opposed to the never ending wars and wants to reform our national security establishment. Both Biden and the GOP establishment support it, and both have a record of spending trillions and trillions on failed wars.

Trump has a proven record of putting real conservatives on the bench. Now, Biden would put hard left lunatics there and the GOP establishment, let’s face it, it has a record of appointing folks like David Souter and others like John Roberts. So that’s four major issues, issues that should be critical in any election where Trump right now has a clear policy advantage over both Biden and the GOP establishment. 


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Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally on April 27, 2023 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

And that all leads to the following on domestic policy. Trump has a proven record of building an economy that generated higher real wages for American workers. Now, neither the Biden administration nor the old GOP guard can say the same. And on social policy, Trump led us to a huge victory to overturn Roe v. Wade. We know what the GOP establishment failed to do. Yeah, overturn Roe v. Wade for over 40 years. 

And by the way, Trump did all of this while facing impeachment and the fraudulent Mueller investigation. So simply attacking Trump as a person or his style, ain’t going to work. If you want to win the GOP nomination, you’re going to have to convince the voters that you’re going to do the right thing on China, on the borders, obviously the economy, on the military and judges. 

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