Explained: Investing in the metaverse

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Facebook/Meta’s recent rebranding made headlines around the globe—establishing “the metaverse” in the public’s consciousness. Which other companies are currently shaping this new virtual world and what might this mean for their stock price?

Many people have started wondering about how to invest in the Metaverse. But actually investing in the Metaverse doesn’t seem straightforward to many traders. In this video we’ll try to provide you with a complete guide about how to invest in the Metaverse right now, by identifying the key components of the companies building their own services and worlds with this new technology.

Right now there appear to be two ways to invest in the Metaverse and its first versions from projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland.

The first is by buying their native cryptocurrencies and relying on their increased adoption.

The second is to invest in the stocks of companies that are involved in developing Metaverse projects. We focus on this approach, as companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Apple have already announced they are working in this direction.

What are the best Metaverse stocks in your opinion?

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