Trump will prevail

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With the field of candidates for president widening, the battle for the presidency is sure to bring out the worst in our mainstream media and the Democratic Party. Ultimately, it is Donald Trump who will triumph.

The Republican field is loaded with talented individuals, many of whom will qualify for prominent positions in the new administration. And it will be an administration focused on the American people, not the elitists from the corporate and political worlds.

There are three main reasons Trump will prevail. First, his vision and policies were not only highly effective during his first term, but also focused on American citizens. Second, his election will signify a victory for American values and the repudiation of the criminal and immoral behavior of the Democratic Party. Third, he is the only candidate with a sense of humor, one that is at times self-deprecating and at other times zeroes right in on the hypocrisy of the elites.

The American people are realizing that Donald Trump was right on all the issues about which the media and the Democrats harassed him continuously, including economic, political and social problems facing our country. It is Trump who will restore America to its original values and stop our current march toward subjugation.


Fairfax, Virginia