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Three stocks are ready to move according to their price cycles.

Allstate share are due to rise. The cycle bottoms on July 25th and tops on August 26th. In the last year, there have been eight buy signals that were all profitable. The stock could trade up to the $95-$99 area by the time that the price cycle tops.

Chart 1

The price cycle is rising.Cycles Research Investments LLC

Chart 2

Allstate shares are likely to rise to $98-$99.Cycles Research Investments LLC

Biogen is likely to move higher. The stock gapped up recently, and the cycle points to higher prices. The cycle bottoms now and tops on August 12th. Six of the last seven buy signals led to profits over the last twelve months. The stock may reach $370-$375.

Chart 3

Biogen is likely to rally.Cycles Research Investments LLC

Chart 4

Biogen’s recovery is likely to accelerate.Cycles Research Investments LLC

Chevron Corporation is a potential short. The weekly cycle tops on July 25th and bottoms on August 28th. However, note that the monthly cycle (not shown) bottoms on August 12th. The upswing in this cycle is likely to override the declining weekly cycle, so short positions should be closed by the 12th. There have been five sell signals in the last year and all were successful. The $117 area is a reasonable target.

Chart 5

The Chevron cycle is falling.Cycles Research Investments LLC

Chart 6

The stock could pull back to $118.Cycles Research Investments LLC